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Be a Better You

With the beginning of 2019 just a few weeks in, everyone is wondering if they will be able to stick with their New Year's resolutions or not. I personally have never gotten into making New Year's resolutions because I believe bettering ourselves should be something we do daily, not just at the beginning of a year, but I do understand how these resolutions can help a person jumpstart their goals. So whether you are working on New Year's resolutions or just trying to do a little better each day there are few things to keep in mind when trying to be a better you.

1. Be True to Yourself

Being true to yourself is probably the most important thing to remember when working on yourself. If you are not true to yourself then who is the "you" you are trying to better?

You know you. You know what you like and what you don't like. You know the people that make you feel good and the people that don't. You know how you like to spend your time and how you don't.

Don't do something if it isn't going to make you feel better as a person. It doesn't matter about the pressures you feel to conform to what others want because at the end of the day you are the one that has to go home with yourself and when you do, you better feel good about the person you were that day.

Be true to yourself and don't let anyone change that!

2. Do Things You Enjoy

Life has a way of making us feel like we don't have time for anything, especially leisure, but the time we spend doing things we enjoy is what keeps us going. Practicing a little bit of self-care now and then is the fuel for your life and is just as important as all of the other things on your to-do list. I often tell my clients to actually schedule this into their day or week just like they would any other appointment or meeting. We often say we don't have time for things so that we feel better about not doing them, but if I told you I would pay you $500 every time you practiced self-care, I bet you would find the time!

3. Anonymous Acts of Kindness

Every now and then do something nice or helpful for another person. They could be a family member or a complete stranger, but find something to make their day a little better and do this anonymously.

4. Be Nonjudgemental

Judgement, at times, is unavoidable. I am sorry to say it, but it is true. We use judgement to do things like keep ourselves safe and to understand human behavior. Unfortunately, our initial judgments can often times be wrong and when this happens it is important for us to adjust our thinking. Catch yourself in these times of judgement and first ask yourself, "What might be going on in their life that is influencing their behavior?" So I am not telling you to never be judgmental again because I understand we are all humans, but it is about catching this when we do it and challenging it.

We also need to be nonjudgmental of ourselves. Do the best you can everyday, but expect that sometimes you are going to fall short and this is okay. No one is perfect, but it is how we handle ourselves in times of failure that shows our true potential.

5. Understand Your Emotion

Our emotions aren't going anywhere so the sooner you understand your own the better. Even the uncomfortable emotions we experience have a place in our life. It is important for us to understand why we feel the way we do at certain times so we learn to manage these emotions effectively.

6. Treat Your Body Right

Exercise, eat right, don't do drugs, and reduce or eliminate your alcohol intake. Pretty much enough said.

7. Practice Mindfulness Everyday

I am a huge proponent of mindfulness. I practice mindfulness everyday and I truly have seen the benefits of it. Mindfulness allows us to stay present in the moment. When we are present we feel more connected to the world, appreciate the little things in life, and feel less anxiety, fear, and dissatisfaction.

8. Love

Love yourself, love others, and let yourself be loved. Humans are innately social beings. We need others to help us survive. When we love ourselves, others, and we allow others to love us we build strong connections that are our lifeline in this crazy, unpredictable world.

Go out and make the world a better place with the best you!

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