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Jessie Jenson

Hello! I am excited you are here! Finding the right person to help with your mental wellness is no small task, so I want to share some information about me and my clinic to help you in this process. I started my private counseling clinic, Insight Counseling Services, in 2018 because I saw a need for mental health services in my hometown. Our community supports some wonderful people and I wanted to give back in a way I knew how.

I have now furthered this support by publishing a self-help book, Conquer Anxiety in Ten Weeks: A Guidebook for Overwhelmed Women Who Dare to Be Fearless.


I like to think that one of my strengths is the ability to be genuine. I want to offer you support that is real and authentic, not just what I am "supposed" to say. I do believe using evidence based treatments is very important in giving clients the best care possible, but this does not mean we can't customize treatment to fit each individual. Each person is unique and at a different place in terms of their personal growth. This is why I will always meet you where you are in your journey and continue from there.

I have had a passion for neuropsychology since starting my journey as a mental health specialist. Recently, I decided to pursue this dream and am now working on my PhD. in Clinical Psychology with a neuropsychology specialization.

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