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Anger and Anxiety

Anger and Anxiety//: 😡🤬 Anger is what we therapists call a “secondary emotion,” meaning something usually comes before anger, like anxiety. When someone is experiencing anxiety it can be very overwhelming for them. Their mind might be running a million miles a minute or they may be experiencing distressful, intrusive thoughts or trying not to have a panic attack and cry in front of everyone, all the while trying to function successfully! What often happens in these scenarios is the individual gets irritable. If the anxiety is not dealt with the irritably gets worse and turns into anger, often directed at the wrong things. It is important to identify that the anger is part of your anxiety, in this case, and that the anxiety needs to be dealt with. When the anger is directed inappropriately at someone else it is always nice to own up to your mistakes by saying, “Hey, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for it to come off that way, I am just dealing with a lot right now.” Even though the anger is part of your anxiety this does not make it okay to take the anger out on others. For the ones that stand by us anxious ones, thank you for one and two, try to understand that sometimes anxiety and anger go hand and hand and this is not something meant to hurt you personally. P.S. We love you 🥰

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