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Breaking Free From Anxiety

Helping you manage your anxiety so you can stop overthinking, regain confidence, and take control back in your life!

Dealing with my own anxiety and learning ways to manage it so I can live a life with confidence and self-love has inspired me to give other individuals this same thing! I have developed a passion for helping people reduce and manage their anxiety, so they can regain confidence, stop overthinking, and take action in their life! Anxiety can be debilitating and prevent you from achieving your dreams. Well, not any more!! My 8 week Breaking Free from Anxiety Course will give you the skills you need to manage and reduce your anxiety so you can take back control in your life!

Misty Slopes


...waking up in the morning and you feel calm, you feel confident, and you feel relaxed. Imagine... you are able to make daily decisions in your life without overthinking. Imagine... you don't fear anxiety or worry; you accept it and embrace it. Imagine... when anxiety does show up you say, "I have got this and know how to manage this!" Imagine... you being the one in control of your life, NOT ANXIETY!

You can achieve this and I am the living proof. I have been an anxious person since I can remember. When I was 5-years old I would worry the house was going to burn down or I would get kidnapped. We didn't call it anxiety back then, but through my schooling, a lot of self-reflection, and consistent practice of my skills I have learned how to embrace my anxiety, mange it in a healthy way when it comes up, and truly be the one in control of MY life.

With my help and the right system in place you will also be able to manage your anxiety in a healthy way, stop overthinking, and take control back in your life. 

I have been working with individuals who struggle with anxiety for almost 8 years and have developed a system that works! AND you get it, FOR A LIMITED TIME, for less then I charge for therapy!

Breaking Free From Anxiety: 8 Weeks to Manage and Reduce Anxiety, Regain Confidence, Stop Overthinking, and Take Action

Do you struggle with anxiety?

Do you feel fear and insecurity at every turn?

Do you struggle with confidence due to overthinking every decision and interaction?

Do you fear the unknown?

Do you often avoid situations because of anxiety?

Do you feel that anxiety is more in control of your life than you are?


If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, this course is for you!


This proven process will help you manage the cycle of anxiety, constant questioning, and overthinking every thought. Through this process you will also gain the knowledge you need to manage your anxiety in a healthy way so it not longer runs your life.

It's time to start living your life again!

Everyone experiences some anxiety from time to time; and in some situations anxiety is a healthy response. But for others this anxiety comes when it is not needed. This can make you live a life where anxiety is in charge. You might miss events because your anxiety is telling you people don't like you. You might fear the unknown and always expect the worst. You might question every decision you make; go over this again and again in your head before deciding it is easier just to not make a decision at all. This leaves you stuck in a place of fear with no way out! With the right system you can learn how to take control of your life. My proven skills are not only skills I teach my clients, but are skills I apply to my life every day.


What Will You Learn??







Thought Recognition & Restructuring


Getting Emotional, Physical, & 

Social Needs Met


Maintenance & Relapse Prevention

This class will be held LIVE for 8 Tuesdays in a row from 5-6PM CST. Yep, you heard me, LIVE!! This means you will get exclusive face-to-face access to me during the video sessions. There will be a lot of learning that needs to happen in the one hour time spot, but we will make sure to save some time for questions as we go along.


THERE IS MORE! After you finish the course you will get lifetime access to the exclusive Facebook Support Group. This group will be full of other individuals just like you who have completed the course and live with anxiety. This group is your built-in support group. Comment or ask questions any time. I will also be answering questions along the way!


You are getting all of this for less then I charge for therapy sessions! BUT this is only for a limited time!

Don't Wait One More Day To Start Living Your Best Life!!!

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